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Alloy Welding

Hi Tech Alloy Welding provides fabrication services for commercial and industrial projects plus heat exchanges and all aspects of alloy welding. Intercoolers, Oil Coolers, Truck Radiators, Heavy Equipment Radiators, Car radiators, Motor Bike Radiators, Performance Radiators, and Reconditioned radiators.

Hi Tech for all alloy boat welding and modifications.

Alloy fabrication for all marine


                Custom intercooler piping for performance cars

Hi Tech Alloy Welding can work directly with contractors, and owners on projects of any size and scope.

Fabricating a new fuel tank for a generator, this tank is twice as large as the original so it can running for longer periods of time.

New alloy fuel tank, mounts exactly the same as original makes for easy installation.

Fuel tank installed ready to use- as you can see the tank was made to take up as much wasted space as possible.

Here there is a new alloy bar that is getting welded either side of the ramp to give it extra support and strength for the heavy machinery that constantly use this equipment.

New alloy bar on ramp with nice big thick weld for added strength.

Item: Custom Large Capacity Fuel Tank



Make: Holden HR

Application: Automotive Fuel Tank


Custom built from steel into Alloy and fully polished with larger capacity of fuel.


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