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Caterpillar Radiators

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Hi Tech Radiators for Mining Excavators, loaders, Graders, Hitachi - Caterpillar
Hi Tech Radiators servicing the Mining Industry nationally and Internationally.

Please note prices do not include frieght.


O/E Part Number: 166-7432 SERIAL NUMBER: AKT




SIZE: (A) 600 x (B) 280


Heavy Duty Plate & Bar Core

Require 2 for full set

Price: $2480 + gst each

Recore Only, Exchange Basis


 For Fleet & Wholesale, Ring for further discount


Caterpillar D9N Complete RadiatorPoa
Serial No: 1JD
P/N : Radiator: 7W8887
Panel: 2W554
Caterpillar D9N Aftercooler Engine 3408 Poa
Caterpillar Transmisson 657 Scraper Oil CoolerPoa
H: 1440 x W: 405 x TH: 75

Caterpillar D11R Complete Mesabi Radiator  Aus20790.00
The mesabi is a more efficient set up and also helps to stop the build up of dirt and rubbish that may be floating around on site, it is a great option for people in remote areas who cant allow weeks of down time and can replace a damaged tube them selves. This radiator has a high gloss cat yellow epoxy finish which helps to protect the steel work in any sort of weather and can also be sent with a stand to have it up right for easy storage and mobility. This item is exchange basis so we can keep these constantly stocked on the shelf for you. Price dose not include freight.

Caterpillar 785C Complete Radiator assembly  Aus18678.00
Aftermarket - Open fin pitch - .2mm thick steel fin with hemmed edge for extra strength Rust proof protected paint on both core and steel work. Note: Exchange basis , needs to be sent with in two weeks to allow Hi-Tech to build another with out holding up other orders. Dose not include freight. Core Specifications - 152mm thick - 8 row cantered tube - 6 thou copper fin - 10 thou wall welded tube - 3mm main header plates with 2mm full sub header - High tensile zinc nuts, bolts and washers

Caterpillar 777A Radiator
and Aftercooler
Caterpillar 777A Dump Truck Radiator and Aftercooler * 12 month warranty * Special Hardened Paint Job * Heavy Duty Brass Core - Non Corrosive Fin * Heavy Duty Tube Thickness

Product Code : HICATERPILLAR777A 



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