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HEADER TANK HEAT EXCHANGERS - Sized to suit your needs.
Our range of off the shelf marine coolers are versatile, robust and high quality. Our units are adaptable to fit a various range of engine sizes from 35kw (47hp) to 200 kW (270hp) from the four sizes of units we carry in stock. These units are shell and tube bundle combined with a header tank. This includes a pressurised filler cap and sacrificial anodes.

Part No Kw Fitting Dia (sea water) Fitting Dia (Fresh Water) Dimension LxWxH (mm) Net (kg) Trade Price
MEC25-50hp 18-373050480 x 147 x 254 16POA
MEC50-108hp 37-803860596 x 179 x293 27.5 POA
MEC108-240hp 80-1783860716 x 179x 306 32POA
MEC240-350hp 178-2603860851 x 179 x 331 40POA

We stock a range of shell and tube coolers to suit most popular requirements. Sandard sizes are available with copper tubes or marine grade copper nickel tubes. Casings are made of marine grade aluminium which are powder coated, end caps are stainless steel with anodes for corrosion protection different size end caps and connections are also available.

Shell and Tube Coolers

Part Number End Caps Fittings Shell Side Shell Length Shell Diameter Min Heat Rejection Price
ST185-S Hose 20mm BSP185 mm 100 mm 6 kW POA
ST285-S Hose 20mm BSP285 mm 100 mm 10 kW POA
ST355-S Hose 20mm BSP 355 mm 100 mm 13 kW POA
ST450-S Hose 20mm BSP 450 mm 100 mm 15 kW POA
ST650-S Hose 20mm BSP 650 mm 100 mm 19 kW POA
ST750-S Hose 20mm BSP 750 mm 100 mm21 kW POA
ST185-L 2" BSP 32mm BSP 185 mm160 mm 20 kW POA
ST285-L 2" BSP 32mm BSP 285 mm160 mm31kWPOA
ST355-L 2" BSP 32mm BSP 355 mm 160 mm 39 kW POA
2" BSP 32mm BSP 450 mm160 mm 52 kW POA


2" BSP 32mm BSP 650 mm 160 mm 68 kW POA


2" BSP 32mm BSP 750 mm160 mm 76 kW POA


2" BSP 32mm BSP 1000 mm 160 mm 95 kW POA

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7am to 5pm - Mon to Fri

Open Saturdays by appointment only..

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