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Hi-tech are highly experience at Mesabi servicing of both radiators and oil coolers as well as repairs , conversion from traditional cores to the new and improved mesabi styles.

Knowing when to convert from traditional tubular style core, folded or modular core sections as original equipment from mesabi when needed for both mining, agricultural, drilling, earthmoving, power generator, trucks.

Hi-tech's cleaning process on mesabi tubes are like no other in the industry with our newly commission ULTRASONIC cleaner which can dislodge all contaminates from both the fin area and the internal wall of the tube bringing the tube up to near new status .
Even if there is a convetle or ammonia build up through the fin area, we can also put tubes into a large caustic bath.

Hi-tech radiators keep a large range of rubber seals/grommets and blanking rubber in stock for ease of quick turn around

In conjunction with converting a traditional style core to a mesabi style,
we can manufacture you're complete steel work to more suit a mesabi
style core replacement and get maximum number of tubes in that
particular tank.

Also rebuild complete new steel work to save on any further metal fatigue that may occur at a later date.

One off Hi-Tech Radiators specialty is rebuilding complete cooler pack assemblies off drill rig units or booster packs. (Compressor coder Pack)

Hi-tech has the capability of storing complete skid mounted engines with cooler pack assemblies, where we can remove radiator, aftercooler, intercooler, hydraulic oil cooler, fuel cooler and engine cooler.

Hi-tech radiators can both service and do a complete rebuild on these units.

  The process of rebuilding listed below:
· remove radiator/ oil cooler assembly from skid
· High pressure gerni through core area
· pressure test all heat exchanges
· strip all mesabi tubes from steel work and randomly expect for corrosion , fin removing , damage area and metal   fatigue
· all tubes are then cleaned by 3 different ways depending how dirty the tubes areas are :
· high pressure gerni , caustic dip, ultrasonic clean
· all tubes are then buffed at the ends to removes rubber residue off tube ready for new installing into nitule grommets   placed in steel work , this is done with a 3M buffing pad which won't burr the brass tube surface
· steel work being sidebands top and bottom tanks of all heat exchanges are then sandblasted back to bear metal
· all steel work is painted with a primer of red oxide to prevent rusting
· Then steel work is painted machine colors.
· All mesabi grommet are placed in tube holes
· All buffed and cleaned tubes are then assembled back into the new grommets
· Then the heat exchange will be submerged into a large test tub and will be pressurized with suitable air pressure to   look for leaks.
· The radiator will then be removed from test tub & set up to be completely dried inside & out.
· Radiator is then re inspected for any touch ups of the paint job or fin straightening to make save the appeared of the   radiator is like new

Note: When these radiators are for Mine sites, we can also supply upright frames to transport these radiators with lifting points or large boxes for ease of storage & prevent damage while in transit or storage.

SERVICE TIME Hi-tech radiators keep over 5000 rubbers seals for both lower & upper tubes in stock to prevent slow turn around by waiting for parts & large sheets off Klinger gaskets to cut out new gaskets for the top & bottom tanks when needed.
These things can help with doing complete rebuild in roughly 2 days on most Earthmoving equipment, unless waiting for new tubes or header plates.
Mesabi's alloy oil cooler style tubes are also easily serviced though our ULTRASONIC cleaning machine even if these is internal turbulator running through the tubes we can clean the inside & out , but if tube is badly corroded or is seen as having metal fatigue the tube can be replaced.


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