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Reconditioned Radiators



  • clean-outs
  • re-cores
  • exchange units
  • heater cores
  • intercoolers
  • oil coolers
  • fuel tanks

    Radiator Codes

  • 1 Temporary Radiator - Nil Warranty
  • 2 Below average - Nil Warranty
  • 3 Average Condition - 3 months Warranty
  • 4 Very Good condition - 6 months Warranty
  • 5 Excellent Condition - 12 months Warranty


    If you thought aluminum cores couldn't be repaired, or the plastic tanks on radiators were non-repairable, well guess again!


Amongst us at Hi-Tech, we have been repairing such areas for five years and find all repairs to be successful and strong. This is done by using what is called an 'epoxy welder' - a glue gun. A light layer of fiberglass mesh sheeting is placed underneath for extra support. We have found this style of repairing works incredibly well and is a huge money-saver for people with imported vehicles whose cores or tanks are not stocked in Australia. Epoxy welding is also used for many other purposes on any plastic, metal, pool filters, plastic guards and surrounds.

Give us a go and you will save big money!
Any inquiries on epoxy welding feel free to e-mail us on info@radiators-brisbane.com.au

Here is a Toyota Celica radiator as you can see there is a major blockage having a blockage like this can cause you a great deal of money by creating more issues through out the cooling system like thermostat, water pump and the head.

Issues like this are caused from a few reasons like engine not being flushed properly, a mixing of coolants to the engine breaking down internally.

Water flow like this is something that no body wants by taking care of your cooling system and getting a service on the radiator and a engine flush this will eliminate blockages like this.

After the tubes have been rodded out you can clearly see the difference, the tubes now have and even constant flow keeping your car running cooler.


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